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Construction Service Overview

We pride in reliability, value of money, innovation and multi-core competence in all projects we undertake, we are justifiably proud of the fact that much of our business results from recommendations, referrals and repeat work from satisfied clients.


KEMI [U] LTD provide construction services, pre-construction services, job site & project management, administrative support, and document control

We further evaluate project for construction, provide cost estimates, and maintain project scheduling, works with owners to meet quality and time objectives.

KEMI [U] LTD can suggest cost effective means of construction and help select the best subcontractors for each project.

We are passionate about building and creating new opportunities in the great lakes region. Whether you plan on building a large commercial center or a distinctive family neighborhood KEMI [U] LTD. And broad industry acquaintance to your project. We always complete quality, first-rate work that is built to last.


KEMI [U] LTD provides services for waste and water plant industries. We manage site works, infrastructures, utilities, underground piping, and lagoon and pond construction.

Under these projects, we design, supply, install, test and commission water, water waste and industrial waste water treatment plants.

With the aim of offering economically and ecologically sustainable and culturally acceptable systems, KEMI [U] LTD undertook a project of repairing st……………system of replacing the scattered septic tank and introduction of ecological sanitation systems like urine diversion toilet and composting ones to replace the pit latrine in st…….

Ecological sanitation, also known as ecosan or eco-san, is a sanitation process that uses human black water and sometimes immediately eliminates fecal pathogens from any still present waste water(urine) at the source.


Solar photo-voltaic systems use solar panels mage of silicon to convert energy into electricity.

Photo-voltaic energy is the most promising popular form of solar energy. In solar photo-voltaic, sunlight is actually converted into electricity.

This is very different from a conventional under-grounding of solar power as only a way of heating water photo-voltaic, now the biggest usage of solar energy around Africa KEMI [U] LTD has been involved in spear heading research in the development of appropriate low-cost

Photo-voltaic lighting system, solar water pumping system and solar water heating systems for use around region.

Our greatest pride and satisfaction is reflected in the smiles of happy customers in …….. Who continue to enjoy solutions our systems deliver each day. 


KEMI [U] LTD provides a wide range of work shop products ranging from wrought iron & structural fabrication, machining, sheet metal & woodwork.

Sheet metal construction & general machining; this is achieved by the existence of the shearing & pressing machines at the workshop.


This is potentially achieved due to the existence of wood work machinery. Products, wooden door frames, door shutters, wall cabins and all forms of office and home furniture.


This is possible due to the existence of the lathe & milling machines, products; J. Bolts, Pulleys, Hinges, Gears and all forms of machining at the clients request.

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